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DailyBurn Heart Rate Monitor

DailyBurn Heart Rate Monitor

Real-time tracking for your workouts

A heart rate monitor is the simplest and smartest way to enhance your training and get better results. This tool gives you the ability to know how well your body works and what you should keep working on. Heart rate training creates a truly personalized experience - helping you find your limits and then conquer them! With DailyBurn's heart rate monitor you can stay in the zone and achieve your maximum burn
, track performance over time
, and eliminate the guesswork by adapting your workouts to your own personal needs



  • compatible with all Bluetooth LE enabled Heart Rate Monitor apps
  • light-weight (less than .5oz)
  • water-resistant (up to 30 meters)

What’s Included

  • DailyBurn HR Monitor Transmitter (CardioSport TP3)
  • adjustable Elastic Strap
  • long-lasting, replaceable battery
$45.00 $50.00
Track Your Workout

Easy Integration. Better Results.

Sync your programs

Our heart rate monitor integrates directly with the DailyBurn apps for iPhone and iPad for a completely connected experience. It streams the live data onto the screen throughout the workout, so your heart rate and zone will appear right in front of you.


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Daily Burn Heartrate Monitor

Stay In The Zone.

Heart Rate


Current Zone


Calories Burned


Connected to HR Device

Burndown Chart
The Zones
Zone 5: As hard as you can go
Zone 4: Hard effort, although sustainable
Zone 3: Above average effort
Zone 2: “Average” effort; conversation speed
Zone 1: Comfortable effort

Workout Duration

How Does This Work?

A high-performance athlete who competes in a sport that’s very demanding on the anaerobic energy system might have a tendency to spend more time in zone 4 or zone 5. But by training more in zone 2, for example, this individual can strengthen his or her aerobic capacity and become a more well-rounded athlete.

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DailyBurn Heart Rate Monitor

How to Wear

When putting on your heart rate chest strap, make sure the logo on the front is facing up and the heart rate electrode sensors (located to the right and left of the head unit) are directly on your skin. Make sure that the strap is directly under your chest, with the monitor in the middle.

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